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Useful Tips For A Destination Proposal

Whisking your loved one away on a romantic holiday offers up the perfect opportunity for a proposal to remember. Below, I offer some tips on ensuring that your destination proposal goes to plan.

1) Research! Before you plan your proposal, make sure you do the necessary research. Read up on the area you plan to stay at well in advance. Depending on the kind of proposal you plan, look up the best restaurants in town, florists and so forth. Trip advisor is a great resource when seeking out reviews for the best of the best.

Go to your favourite coffee shop and do some secret Dubai researching.

2) Enlist help: You want your proposal holiday to go smoothly, if budget permits, pre-book transfers and make sure that your hotel understands that the holiday is for a very special occasion. Once you and your sweetheart have arrived at your destination, take a moment and speak to your hotel concierge and explain the secret purpose of your trip. They can offer up advice and suggestions. Of course, you can always hire the services of our team to help you plan your proposal too.

3) Get sufficient travel insurance! The last thing you want is for anything to ruin your proposal dreams. Your plan should include coverage for the unforeseen situations that can occur on a destination proposal trip to ensure that you and your lady do not come home with unwanted (and unnecessary) bills.

4) Document the day! Hiring a local professional photographer or videographer is a great idea when planning a destination proposal. This is a moment that you will both remember forever, but it’s extra special when you can look back on those memories together too.

I hope the above tips offers up some food for thought when planning your destination proposal. Proposal Boutique, plan and organise proposals in Dubai and the UAE, and we would be delighted to assist you if you are thinking of proposing in the beautiful city of Dubai or the surrounding emirates.

Caroline – Proposal Boutique x

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