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Eligibility: Proposal Boutique's services are only available to individuals who are at least 21 years old and who can legally form binding contracts under applicable laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). By reading these terms and conditions, you confirm that you are at least 21 years old and that all the information you provide to us, including your name and address, is accurate and truthful.​

Proposal Boutique Services: Proposal Boutique offers services to conceive, develop, arrange, and book marriage proposals and other romantic events, which include activities fulfilled by certain unaffiliated third-party vendors.

Information Accuracy: You acknowledge that the information, including photographs and images, provided on our website is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a complete representation of the proposal packages.

Third-Party Vendor Obligations: Each vendor we work with for the proposal package employs their own rules, conditions, waivers, and other obligations that you must comply with. This includes but is not limited to dress code, footwear, public displays of affection, and alcohol consumption.

Acknowledgment of Rules and Conditions: By reading these terms and conditions, you understand, acknowledge, and agree to adhere to all rules and conditions associated with the proposal package vendors.

Vendor Changes: We may be required to change vendors from time to time due to circumstances out of our control. In such a case, we will contact you promptly with details of the substituted vendor. If such a change occurs, you are not entitled to a refund, but you may schedule an alternative proposal at the sole discretion of the company.

Vendor Changes Relating to Health and Safety: We work closely with our vendors to deliver the exact proposal described in the invoice and itinerary but the vendors are free to change their setup at any time without prior notice if it is related to health and safety. In this case, we will find an alternative proposal setting that is similar. 

Services: When you hire Proposal Boutique for a proposal option, you are paying only for the services mentioned on your invoice, and no changes to the services are possible afterward without incurring additional planning fees and cancellation and rebooking fees.

Work Times: Proposal Boutique office hours are Monday- Friday 0900-1500 and Proposal Planners are only expected to reply within these times.


Adding Suppliers: If you wish to add to your proposal plan after payment by adding extra suppliers, this is vendor dependant and may not be permissible at the venue. In this case an alternative venue may be found by your proposal planner but this may result in additional fees for a change of venue. 


Entertainment: If you wish to add entertainment to your proposal after making the initial booking, this is dependant on the venue and DTCM and government guidelines. Additional costs are to be expected from this. 

Client Elements: Clients are not permitted to add their own elements to the proposal including, but not limited to musicians and photo and video teams. Proposal Boutique have exclusive relationships with venues so all suppliers need to be aligned to our partners requirements and expectations.  However, for certain proposals, Proposal Boutique may grant permission but you are solely responsible for applying for the required permits and getting permission from the venue as Proposal Boutique will not be liable for these suppliers.

Proposal Boutique Partnership: Proposal Boutique have preferential rates with suppliers that we pass on to our clients. If you change your proposal plan, these preferential rates may no longer exist for the new plan so may result in additional costs.


Proposal Planning: The proposal planning process is based between the client or one person representing the client (Personal Assistant, for example) and the proposal planner only. If group involvement is required, then a group WhatsApp or email chain will be set up, and an additional fee of 1,500AED+VAT will be charged due to the additional work required for the proposal planner.


Communication: Client and proposal planner communication will be conducted via email, phone call, or WhatsApp. No WhatsApp voice notes will be accepted. Everything must be in writing to ensure that the team does not miss any elements, and we can quickly refer to things in the planning and setup process.


Rejection of Clients: We only accept a limited number of clients per month and as such, we reserve the right to reject working with clients.


Site Visit: If you would like to visit the site of your proposal before the proposal or have a site visit or meeting with a Proposal Planner, this will incur an additional 1,500AED+VAT per meet.


Custom Orders: If you require anything to be custom-ordered for your proposal, we will do this for you following full payment and with a minimum of two weeks' notice.


Collection of Items: If you would like us to collect anything from you for your proposal (from your Dubai villa/hotel), this will incur an additional fee depending on the location and item.

Postal Items: You can send postal items to us, but only items that have paid duty and tax and incur no further delivery fees.

Dismantling of Public Setups: In the unlikely event that our public proposals at non-exclusive venues are required to be dismantled by security, police, or any law enforcement, the setup will be taken down without hesitation. By engaging our services, you acknowledge and accept this risk, and agree that no refund or compensation will be given in such circumstances.

Preferred Date: While we strive to accommodate your desired proposal on your preferred date, scheduling is subject to vendor availability and cannot be guaranteed for any particular day or time. To arrange your proposal package, you must schedule with our company and refrain from contacting vendors directly for this purpose.


Quote Validity: Upon contacting Proposal Boutique, we will provide a quote for your proposal and check vendor availability. However, please note that this quote is only valid for 48 hours.

Price Changes: Please be aware that the prices quoted by us may change at any time without prior notice, as this is subject to our vendors' discretion. This is particularly true during peak holidays such as Valentines, Eid, and Christmas.


.Client Priority: Proposal Boutique strongly advises making bookings as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, as priority is given to proposers who make full payment first.

Prior to Booking: Full payment is required prior to any confirmation being made by Proposal Boutique or any associated venues.

Payment Failure: Failure to make payment on time may result in the possibility of losing the vendor or changes to prices and terms.


Price Changes: If the quoted price changes after the initial proposal, Proposal Boutique will send an invoice for the difference before any confirmation is made.


Confirmation: Once your proposal has been confirmed, we will send you your proposal itinerary.

Poor Weather: In the event of bad weather and vendor cancellation, Proposal Boutique reserves the right to reschedule or change a proposal. If bad weather occurs, we will contact you to reschedule the proposal or make any necessary changes. Please note that proposal dates cannot be changed due to weather conditions from the clients side. 

Changes to the Agreed Setup: Whilst we will always strive to deliver your preferred setup, however there may be a requirement to change this on the day due to safety or weather conditions. If this does happen, we will ensure we deliver the same value of proposal.

Missed Proposal: If you are late or miss a scheduled proposal for any reason, the proposal package and all services within the proposal such as photography will be considered forfeited and all payments you have made in connection with such proposal packages shall be surrendered.

Proposal Timings: Your proposal will be arranged and agreed for a specific start and end time, and it is imperative that you adhere to these times to avoid forfeiting payments, suppliers and the proposal setup.

Proposal Extras: If you hire external suppliers such as musicians or a photographer, these are hired only for 1 hour from your itinerary start time (unless otherwise discussed). These times can not be extended on the evening so please ensue you arrive on time. 

Extreme Circumstances: In the event of uncontrollable circumstances, such as border closures, Covid-19 regulations, pandemics, civil unrest, and strikes, your proposal may be rescheduled at vendor discretion with a minimum of 14 days' notice. However, please note that the proposal fee of 2500AED+VAT is non-refundable.

Partial Refunds: No partial refunds will be granted. If you change your proposal plan and opt for a lower cost venue, no refunds will be given. Proposal Boutique will however offer additional decoration up to the same value as the original proposal package. 

Proposal Planning Commencement: Proposal Boutique only take advance payment of 100%. However, in some instances we will agree to commence research and planning for your proposal once we receive the (non-refundable) proposal planning fee of 2,500AED+VAT. Please note that we cannot make any proposal bookings until we receive full payment.


Exceptional Circumstances: Proposal Boutique will never agree to add any elements or make bookings until all payments are received. 

Payments: All invoices will be issued by Proposal Boutique FZE, and payments must be made via bank transfer or card to Proposal Boutique only. Please note that we do not accept cheques.

Value Added Tax: We are a VAT registered company with TRN number 100599840400003, and all invoices are legally required to include a 5% VAT fee.

Payment: Proposal Boutique requires full payment of the invoiced amount prior to commencing work. Payment is accepted in UAE Dirhams only. We are not responsible for any bank charges made by your bank.

Security deposit: For certain proposals, a security deposit may be required if hiring items through Proposal Boutique. This deposit will be returned the following day, provided that the items are returned in the same condition as they were delivered. In case of dry hire rental, it is your responsibility to ensure that the items are not damaged in any way, as this will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit. Proposal Boutique can use their discretion with UAE residents and may accept a copy of Emirates ID as the 1,000 AED security deposit.


Compliance with UAE law: You agree to behave in accordance with UAE law, in regard to public displays of affection.


Legal implications: You understand that any legal implications will not involve Proposal Boutique.

She Said No Refunds: The company does not offer refunds for any proposals once full payment has been received in case you change your mind. In the event that she says ‘no’, all payments made to Proposal Boutique and vendors are non-refundable.

Equipment and property: Unless you have purchased props used for the proposal, all equipment, props, and accessories remain the sole property of Proposal Boutique. Any discrepancies or damages will be invoiced following the proposal. Failure to pay the invoice within 5 days will involve the UAE authorities, and if you have hired a photographer, these images will be surrendered.

Damage to hotel property: All setups will be done with great care. If you incur any fees for damages from the hotel, these are not the responsibility of Proposal Boutique.

Itinerary: You agree to adhere to the times outlined in your proposal itinerary. Your proposal has a defined start and end time and cannot be extended on the day. If you are late to arrive, your leave time cannot be extended on the day.

Photography: Proposal Boutique will take set up shots of your proposal setup for our media purposes and we have full rights to these images.

Damages: For private villa or apartment proposals, any damages incurred will not be the responsibility of Proposal Boutique.

Packing away: The private room/hotel/apartment proposal setups include a proposal coordinator to do the setup, but it is your responsibility to pack everything away and hand it back to us the following day. If we are required to pack away for you, then 1,000AED+VAT will be deducted from your security deposit.

Risks and hazards: During your participation in any proposal package, you may face certain risks and hazards which we are in no way responsible for.

Defamation: You agree to not defame or comment negatively about Proposal Boutique or any of our team online. If this happens legal action will be taken according to strict UAE defamation laws.

Voluntary participation: Your participation is completely voluntary.


​Illness or injury: If you become ill or injured during a proposal, you will not take legal action against Proposal Boutique.


COVID-19: We take no responsibility for COVID-19 results.

Yacht proposal: If you are on a yacht, this is at your own risk, and we recommend our clients wear no shoes when onboard.

ID: You should always carry ID at all times in case requested by the authorities at all venues.


Third-party goods: Proposal Boutique does not take any responsibility for 3rd party goods supplied by the client.

Loss of personal items: Proposal Boutique will not be responsible for the loss of any personal items.


Quality of Photography/Videography Services: We agree to provide photography/videography services to our client using only the best photographers/videographers in Dubai. The photographers/videographers have been tried and tested and are experts in capturing every proposal moment. The images and videos captured will be of the highest quality.

Photographer/Videographer Images and Footage: The results of the photo and videos is dependant on the couple on the proposal evening. We recommend following the instructions of the photo team to get the best results. If for any reason the Client is not satisfied with the images or videos, no refunds can be given.

Delivery of Images and Payment: All images and videos will be edited and delivered to the Client no later than two weeks after the proposal date.

Express Editing: If the Client requires express editing of the images and videos, this can be done within 24 hours for an additional fee of 2,800AED+VAT. Photographer/Videographer will work overnight to deliver the images and videos the next day.

Additional Image Editing: If the Client requires further image editing beyond what is included in the initial photography/videography package, this will be charged at 150AED per image.

Videography Services: If the Client hires a videographer, they will edit the video to produce a 1-minute video with suitable music that is copyright-free so the Client can share it online. If the Client requires a specific song, they must inform Photographer/Videographer prior to the proposal. If the Client requires further video editing beyond what is included in the initial package, this will be charged an additional 950AED.

Photo and Video Download: Client will be sent images/videos via a download link. This link is only valid for 7 days so needs to be downloaded and kept safe by the client to avoid losing images


Image Deletion: Proposal Boutique will delete client images permanently from their system after 30 days. These images once deleted can not be recovered. 

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