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The Benefits of Hiring A Proposal Planner

So, you have found the woman of your dreams and you are now ready to take your relationship to the next level, congratulations! The thought of proposing to the lady in your life, can make the most calm of men jittery with nerves, and with various YouTube videos of grand proposals going viral, the pressure to plan something extra special can feel overwhelming.

For some, the thought of hiring a proposal planner may seem less romantic, however, to the contrary, the job of a proposal planner is to work WITH you in order to create a proposal personal to you and YOUR woman; your thoughts and information is key in creating a proposal she will never forget. The mere fact that you have taken time to research and seek out help from a professional shows how much you care.

Below, we highlight the key benefits of why hiring a proposal planner is not only a good choice, but a practical one too.

· Stress reduction – You may be a busy bee, run a business, have a demanding job. Hiring a proposal planner helps alleviate some of the stress associated with planning a life changing event.

· Saves time and money – Believe it or not, hiring a proposal planner may actually save you some money in areas. Proposal planners often have preferred rates with the very best hotels and restaurants, in addition to establishing good relationships with vendors such as florists and entertainers.

· Trusted and reputable vendors - Similar to above, in addition to having preferred rates with vendors, proposal planners (much like wedding planners) go out of their way to meet with vendors and to vet suppliers for quality and service. In hiring a proposal planner you can rest assured that you are working with quality vendors.

· Bringing out the creative side in you – The job of a proposal planner is NOT to dictate how your proposal goes, but rather to work with you, in order to create a proposal personal to both you and your partner. No matter how intimate or grand the proposal, the most important aspect is that the proposal is special to you both.

A proposal planner will create activities and idea sessions in order to help get your creative juices flowing and gain important knowledge about your ladies likes, dislikes, hobbies and passions. From there, your proposal planner with not only help conjure up unique proposal ideas, but will also assist in full execution if need be.

So there you go, the above points just scratches the surface on the benefits of hiring a proposal planner. If you are ready to propose to your loved one, why not drop us an email at and let us help you create the proposal your lady deserves and a memory to last a lifetime.

With love

Caroline ~ Proposal Boutique


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