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Marriage Proposal Etiquette

This blog post is for the more traditional amongst you. Every couple is indeed, unique and different; you may be a modern, free spirited couple who throw caution to the wind and don’t believe in traditions or set codes of conduct and that’s fine; but if you are a man who believes things should be done in the traditional way when proposing, and your lady is traditional too, the below wedding etiquette tips may help you along the way.

· Discuss marriage beforehand: - The last answer you want to get when you pluck up the courage to propose is a ‘NO’. Make sure you have had the all-important ‘future’ discussion at some point during your relationship, so you are fully confident that this is something she wants.

· Ask her father and/or mother for her hand in marriage: - Tradition states that it is correct etiquette to ask her father for permission before proposing. Set aside a time convenient for you both and let them know of your intentions, ask them for their blessing. Not only will this gain you brownie points with the in-laws, your fiancé is bound to love that you asked too.

· Present ‘the ring’: - Unless you and your girlfriend have has serious discussions where she has clearly stated that she wants to choose her own ring when the time comes, make sure you have the ring on the day. The ring is a must! If you have something alternative in mind, such as taking her to a jewellers where she can have one designed, bring something else as a momentum of the day.

· Place the ring on the right finger- Some men don’t think about this at all when it comes to the proposal and often fumble around placing the ring on the wrong finger. Its next to the pinkie, and you will need to research if it is on the right or left hand (this depends on where you are from).

· Get down on bended knee: - And lastly, don’t forget the all-important getting down on bended knee. This is such a memorable position, we have all seen it in the most memorable of romantic movies and let’s face it, and it’s both charming and romantic!

Good luck gentlemen!

Caroline ~ Proposal Boutique x

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