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Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Congratulations, you are going to propose to the love of your life - how very exciting! Now all you need to do is find the perfect engagement ring that she is going to love (no easy task).

The thought of choosing a ring can leave most men running for the hills, and we completely understand why. This is the most high profile gift you are ever going to give and there are so many things to think about. So no matter if you are proposing in Dubai, or elsewhere, we hope that this blog will give you a few useful hints and tips to make the whole experience easier for you.

How Much Should I Spend?

This is a question we get asked all the time and we always say ‘whatever you can stretch to’. As a general rule, experts advise you to spend three months’ salary on the engagement ring, but this is just a guideline. Our advice would be to find a setting that she really loves and then to focus the rest of your budget on the diamond.

Choose a Ring She Will Love

This can be the tricky part as you want to keep the proposal a surprise, while still finding a ring you know she will love. Our advice is to look at the rings that she wears already. What colour, size, shape are they? This will give you an indication of what styles she likes. Talk to her friends and family, they may have an idea of what she likes, I’m sure they would have talked about it together!

Rules of the Rock

You may have heard of the 4 C’s, so we have given you a small overview of what to look for in your ring:

Cut A good cut allows more light to be reflected from the diamond that leads to more sparkle. Make sure your diamond makes the best use of light. After all, sparkle, or ‘fire’, is what we are all looking for.

Colour Look out for the amount of yellow in the diamond. Common diamonds are yellower in colour and rare diamonds are a clearer white. The closer to white the diamond is, the higher the cost. You want to be looking for the ‘whitest’ diamond that you can afford. The colour scale ranges from D-Z, so you want to be as close to D as possible.

Clarity This refers to the number of imperfections in the diamond. There are several different grades of diamond from ‘flawless’ that includes no blemishes under magnification, to ‘included’ that include obvious blemishes. The less flaws the diamond has, the more valuable.

Carat This is done by weight, the greater the weight, the higher the cost. But be careful here - a greater weight does not necessarily mean a better diamond. You need to still focus on the clarity and colour. It is all about getting the perfect balance of the 4 C’s.

Well we hope you have a little more information to help you with your diamond shopping and we wish you all the very best of luck with your proposal.

Caroline - Proposal Boutique

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