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A Dubai Proposal for Horse Lovers

At Proposal Boutique we are always thinking of unique proposal and date ideas in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. From proposing on a beach at sunset, to helicopter proposals, we have something to suit everyone, and for all budgets.

If your girlfriend is into horses, romantic picnics and the outdoors, then we have the perfect proposal idea for you.

We work with one of the top stables in the UAE to bring you a very romantic horse and carriage proposal. How about showing your love around the luxury stables and making friends with some very handsome Arabian horses? After this, you can then enjoy a romantic horse and carriage ride around spectacular grounds where your horse will lead you to a secluded picnic setting with hay bale seating. Here you can enjoy a luxurious picnic and feast on cheese, pates, bread and olives, with some extra luxury including strawberries and champagne, before proposing to your sweetheart and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

We will work with you to personalise the picnic area as much or as little as you wish. Some of our proposers like to include photographs or flowers, or they even hire musicians to sing a selection of their loved ones favourite songs. Whatever you want, we can get it for you.

How about creating a romantic winter wonderland theme? We can do a snowy central park setup, hire in snow machines and display a huge New York backdrop so you can both enjoy a carriage ride in snowy Central Park.

If horses are not your thing, but you fancy an Arabian proposal why not get our humped friends involved? We offer an amazing desert proposal where you can enjoy a camel ride to your own private oasis. Here you can enjoy a beautiful 4 course dinner before proposing on your own sand dune under a blanket of stars.

If you would like Proposal Boutique to help you with your proposal plan, you can send us an email at for more information and we can start planning your proposal today. We are now also offering tailored proposals in the UK, New York, and Paris. Contact us for more information.

Caroline - Proposal Boutique

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