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Water Proposal Ideas in Dubai

There are so many options for truly romantic and memorable marriage proposals all over Dubai, and we have some amazing suggestions for those that love the water, or would like an ‘underwater’ proposal theme.

Scuba Diving Proposal

If you love scuba diving, or want a truly different proposal, why not take your love for a beautiful dinner in Dubai’s marine restaurant? Here you can have a scuba diver swim up to your table holding a ‘Will You Marry Me’ sign. If you have a PADI licence, then you can even be the one in the water holding up the sign. Your photographer will be undercover on a nearby table to capture her reaction.

If you are avid scuba divers, then why not hire your very own tour guide who will show you around some ship wrecks off the Dubai coast? You can propose underwater, or we can arrange for your ring to be tied up to the ship wreck for your girlfriend to find.

Underwater Luxurious Proposal

Hire out an entire private dining room in an underwater restaurant and let us personalise the room with rose petals, flowers, photographs and all her favourite things. You can both enjoy a beautiful 5 course meal while watching all the hustle and bustle from the marine life.

Dolphin Proposal

Why not have a little proposal help from a bottlenose dolphin? You can hire out the entire dolphin area and have a very personal and private proposal. You can swim with the dolphins before one will bring the ring up to you ready for your proposal. You can even hire us to hold up a ‘will you marry me?’ banner.

Yacht Proposal

Hire your very own luxury yacht and fill it with all her favourite flowers. Your captain will take you out to Dubai lagoon and you can propose in private, with the backdrop of the Burj Al Arab. Your chef will be there to serve you a beautiful meal and you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings with a bottle of champagne.

If you would like some help in planning any of these proposals or if you have another proposal plan in mind, then please feel free to email us at . We are Dubai’s official Proposal Planners and we love planning each and every proposal.

Caroline – Proposal Boutique

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