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A Travel Themed Proposal

When Todd approached us to help him propose to Kristine, we knew it would be a special night. Their love story is a beautiful one as Todd is from the US, and Kristine is from the Philippines. They met at a birthday party for a mutual friend in New York when Kristine was travelling. Their first date was pretty impressive, as they spent the following week travelling around Los Angeles together. These two are such free spirits and from the very beginning, they enjoyed so many amazing experiences which included skydiving, scuba diving and going to baseball games.

When it was time for Kristine to go back to the Philippines, they continued their relationship long distance and talked every day. As difficult as this must have been, it was obvious that they were so in love and would do whatever they needed to do to be together. They would meet in Europe for short holidays before Todd made the big decision to move to Kuala Lumpur to be closer to his sweetheart.

We knew that travel was such a huge part of their relationship so we wanted a proposal that incorporated this. Todd wanted a very private and intimate venue, so we decided to hire out a private room at the Address Montgomerie. The proposal spot was secluded, romantic and has a private terrace which overlooks the Dubai skyline- the perfect backdrop to their magical evening.

We set up a travel themed table which displayed poems, photographs of their holidays and Todd’s favourite memories of Kristine. On one of the walls of the room, we hung a large world map, with their initials overlaid onto the map. They included their initials on every note that they wrote together and so this was a lovely touch to add to the map. To the side of the table, on a wooden easel, was another large print that we had designed. This was of a ‘cuddle-fish’ with the phrase ‘you’re my cuddle fish’ on it. This was their pet name for each other after seeing a cuttle fish on a scuba diving trip.

We set up a beautiful table in the middle of the room with a rose petal path and candles leading the way from the door. When Kristine entered the room, she was overwhelmed with what had been set up for her. As Todd got down on one knee, she immediately said yes. They then spent the evening drinking champagne on the terrace and enjoying a romantic four course meal that was specifically designed for them so that it contained their favourite dishes from their travels.

We wish these two cuddle-fish a lifetime of happiness.

Caroline- Proposal Boutique

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