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A Moonlight Proposal

When Jamil approached us to help us plan his proposal to the beautiful Samar, we were immediately excited to have the chance to make their special night one that they would both never forget. We love working with such amazing proposers and Jamil was no exception. During our first Skype consultation, he had us in fits of laughter and we really couldn't wait to work with him.

Our couple love the finer things in life and we knew that they deserved something not only romantic and magical, but with the luxury that they both enjoy. For the venue choice, there was only one place on our minds, the World’s most luxurious hotel, The Burj Al Arab. So how do you make such a luxurious setting seem so intimate and personal? Well, Samar loves spa days and her favourite hobby is swimming, so we thought, why not combine the two, and turn the beautiful lagoon area, 150 metres high into the stars, into the the perfect proposal location.

We arranged for a stunning Rolls Royce Phantom to collect our couple from their hotel on The Palm and bring them over to The Burj Al Arab. On arrival, the couple headed up to the hotels highest restaurant, where they enjoyed cocktails and a beautiful 3 course meal. After the meal, our team escorted them to their private moonlight proposal area...under the false pretence that they were getting a tour of the spa.

Gold rose petals lead the way to a memory lane carpet which we had commissioned to show important milestones in the couple’s relationship along with photographs. A bouquet of two dozen roses (Samar’s favourite), along with individual long stemmed roses were placed around the lagoon area. Candles glistened throughout the room, and water lilies lined the edge of their private pool. The memory lane carpet lead to an easel, with a large frame on, with a gold cover to hide what was underneath. A hand written tag, pinned to the cover, instructed Samar to pull it down and reveal what was hidden. Underneath the glimmering moonlight, with the backdrop of the Dubai skyline, Samar pulled the gold cover and the message read ‘Will You Marry Me?’It was then that Jamil got on one knee and proposed. Samar of course sad ‘yes’.

The newly engaged couple, then spent the rest of the evening drinking champagne and eating strawberries, before enjoying a relaxing pool side massage, and topping it off with an evening swim in their private lagoon with those stunning panoramic views.

At the end of the evening, the couple then returned to their hotel room, where there was one more surprise waiting for Samar. We had decorated their room with 5,000 red rose petals, candles, Herme’s scents and a wonderful selection of chocolates - the truly perfect end to the perfect evening.

Here is the video that was taken on the evening:

Jamil proposed to Samar at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. He hired out an entire moonlight lagoon area and with our help, filled it with candles, gold rose petals, red roses and water lillies. They enjoyed a beautiful five course meal before entering the lagoon area where he got down on one knee and she (of course) said 'yes'.

Congratulations to our lovely couple!

Lots of love- Caroline x x

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