Terms and Conditions

Customer Requirements

Proposal Boutiques services are available only to individuals who are eighteen (18) years and older, who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. By reading this you confirm that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and that all information you provide to us, including name and address is accurate and truthful.

Services and Vendors

Proposal Boutique conceives, develops, arranges and books marriage proposals and date packages using certain unaffiliated, third party vendors to fulfil the activities included in each proposal package. You acknowledge that the information provided on our website, including photographs and images are for informational purposes only and are not meant as complete representations of the proposal packages.

Each of the vendors used in connection with the proposal package employs their own rules, conditions, waivers and other obligations, with which you must comply. This includes, but is not limited to dress code, footwear, public displays of affection and alcoholic beverage consumption. In reading this contract you understand, acknowledge and agree to adhere to these rules and conditions.

You understand and acknowledge that due to circumstances out of our control, we may be required to change vendors from time to time. If such a change occurs, we will contact you promptly with details of the substituted vendor. In the rare event, that this should occur and in reading these terms and conditions, you are not entitled to a refund, but you may schedule an alternative proposal at the sole discretion of the company.

We work very closely with our vendors to deliver the exact proposal that is on our website, but the vendors are free to change their setup at any time without prior notice if relating to health and safety. If this happens, we will find an alternative location in the same venue or help you with an alternative vendor.

When you hire Proposal Boutique for a proposal option, you are paying for the services mentioned in 'Our Proposal Packages' only and it is limited only to those services. 

For silver and gold packages you are entitled to one Skype session and for  the platinum package you are entitled to two Skype sessions throughout the proposal planning process. This can be used at any time during the planning process. If you would like additional Skype sessions, then this will be charged at 150AED per 30 minute session.

If you require anything to be custom-ordered for your proposal, then we will do this for you following full payment and with a minimum of 4 weeks notice. If you would like us to collect anything from you for your proposal (from your villa/hotel), then this will incur a 500AED fee.  You can send postal items to us, but only items that have paid duty and tax and incur no further delivery fees.

Scheduling and cancellation

We will do our best to accommodate your desired proposal on your desired date, but scheduling is subject to vendor availability and is not guaranteed for any particular day or time. You must schedule your proposal package with the company and must not contact the vendor directly for such purposes. When you contact Proposal Boutique, we will quote your proposal and find vendor availability, but this quote is valid for 48 hours only. 

We require a minimum of three weeks notice to plan all proposals and romantic events . If you are quoted a price by us, these prices can be changed by our vendors at any given time, without prior warning and the same can be expected during peak holidays such as Valentines, Eid and Christmas. Proposal Boutique recommend making bookings fast to avoid disappointed. Priority is given to proposers who make full payment first. Proposal Boutique and all the associated venues require full payment  and proposal sign off, a minimum of two weeks prior to your date. Failure to make payment in time, will result in possible loss of the vendor or changes to prices and terms. 

If you are quoted a price by Proposal Boutique, and the price is later increased by the supplier, then we will send you an invoice for the difference before making a confirmation. 

Once your proposal is confirmed, we will email your proposal itinerary and confirmation. The company reserves the right to cancel a scheduled proposal for any reason. In the event of bad weather, we will contact you if we need to reschedule the proposal or make any changes. You are not able to change your proposal date due to the weather. If you are late or miss a scheduled proposal for any reason, the proposal package will be considered forfeited and all payments you have made in connection with such proposal packages shall be surrendered. Your proposal will be arranged and agreed for a specific start and end time, you must adhere to these times or you risk forfeiting of payments and the proposal setup.

Making a Payment

Proposal Boutique will commence research and planning for your proposal upon receiving the (non-refundable) consultation fee of 1100AED. The company are not able to make any proposal bookings until full payment has been received.

All invoices you receive should be from Proposal Boutique FZE and payments are made via bank transfer to Proposal Boutique only. No cheques, card or cash will be accepted.

If you are an International client from outside of the UAE and your proposal date is withing 10 days, we are only to accept payment via PayPal which will incur an additional 5% fee in order to cover additional fees.

Proposal Boutique take no responsibility for bank charges made by your bank and the full invoiced amount is required by Proposal Boutique before commencing work. The company accept payment in US Dollars and UAE Dirhams only, and the proposer is free to decide which of the two currencies he/she prefers.

Refund Policy

A non-refundable deposit of 1100AED is due to begin work on your proposal. The company does not offer refunds for any proposal package once payment has been received.
This has never happened, but in the event that she says ‘no’, all payments made to Proposal Boutique and vendors are non-refundable.

Proposal Setup

Unless you have purchased props used for the proposal, all equipment, props and accessories remain the sole property of Proposal Boutique and any discrepancies will be invoiced following the proposal. Failure to pay the invoice with involve the UAE authorities and if you have hired a photographer, these images will be surrendered. 

Image release

We only work with Dubai's best photographers and we have a long and successful relationship with them. The photographers we work with are tried and tested and are experts in capturing every proposal moment. The images they capture are of the highest quality and we know our clients will not be disapointed with the outcome. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with their work, no refunds can be given. All images are edited and are then released 3 weeks after the proposal date, and only when all payments have been received by us. If you would like further image editing, then this will be charged at 150AED per image. 

In the event that a photographer and/or videographer is engaged by Proposal Boutique to provide images and video services during a proposal, you acknowledge and agree that all rights, title and interest, including all copyright laws, shall belong solely to Proposal Boutique and the named photographer. We reserve the right to use such photographs in our promotional materials without prior consent on our website, social media and blogs.
If you decide to share your proposal on other websites, media, television, you agree to credit Proposal Boutique for their appropriate fields.

Assumption of Risk

During your participation in any proposal package, you may face certain risks and hazards which we are in no way responsible for. Your participation is completely voluntary.

By agreeing to use our services, it is deemed that you agree to all our terms and conditions and that this contract is not subject to further modification.