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A Dubai Picnic Proposal

Summer in Dubai is well under way with daily temperatures of 40 degrees. I love the heat, but at the moment, it’s quite unbearable and I am so jealous of friends and family back home enjoying their days in the garden. Probably one of the things that I miss the most in the summer months is being able to enjoy picnics in the park and I really miss not being able to do outdoor proposals.

Apart from in the summer, Dubai is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic picnic. With guaranteed sunshine, warm evenings, and no threat of rain, a romantic picnic is a must for anyone living or holidaying here. The location options are endless, so why not grab a blanket, some carefully selected food and drink items and surprise your love with a romantic picnic, or even better pop the question.

Here are our favourite picnic locations in Dubai:

At The Beach

Head to one of Dubai’s many public beaches for an evening picnic, or you can contact us for details on licenced beach locations so you can enjoy champagne alongside your picnic hamper. We have a wide range of beautiful beach locations that are perfect for watching the sunset and listening to the crashing of waves.

City View

Set up a picnic besides the tallest building in the World for a memorable proposal. Why not have a rose petal path that will lead to a beautiful picnic blanket, adorned with a bouquet of her favourite flowers and a hamper filled with all your favourite treats- from paté and breads to vintage sweets. Here you can dine on the grass while watching the fountain show and the twinkling lights from the stunning Burj Khalifa.

In A Beautiful Garden

Head to Dubai’s leading garden, where you can set up a yummy picnic among over 45 million flowers. These spectacular flowers are set in a range of structures, colours and shapes, making them the perfect backdrop to your proposal. We recommend hiring a secret proposal photographer to capture your romantic picnic and the moment that you get down on one knee.

In the Desert

Drive into the desert and set up your blanket atop of your very own sand dune. If however, you like a little bit more luxury, then we can arrange to have you picked up on camel back and taken to your private picnic oasis. Here your picnic can be set under an old tree, filled with fairy lights for after the sun comes down for that truly magical Arabian setting. Now you can enjoy the rest of the night looking at the stars and sipping on champagne.

If you would like to hire the help of Proposal Boutique, we offer a wide range of picnic options starting from only $250.00. You can contact us at to get started.

Caroline x

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