What is a Proposal Planner?

The term 'Proposal Planner' is relatively new and seems to be causing some confusion, so we thought we would give you a little more insight into what it actually means.

Proposal Planners are professional event coordinators who specialise in planning marriage proposals. We help create proposal ideas, scout locations, negotiate rates with vendors, hire professionals such as caterers, musicians, photographers and videographers, draw up the necessary contracts, acquire permits, source the perfect accessories, ensure full preparation in the run up to the event, attend the proposal to ensure it all runs smoothly and ensure contingencies are in place, the list goes on.....

The first stage when hiring a proposal planner is ensuring that they know you and your partner. They will then use this information to create a unique proposal idea. At Proposal Boutique we do this through a relationship consultation form, emails, skype and over the phone. If you are living in Dubai we are also more than happy to meet so we can get to know you better (you tell us the best ways of contact so that we don’t give you away).

Hiring Proposal Planners in a new concept but one that I predict will be around forever, as the media is putting even more pressure on our future grooms to make a truly special proposal. Women are constantly reading and hearing romantic proposal stories so it goes without saying that they are expecting a magical proposal (whether they admit it or not).

There is a common misconception that men who have the help of a proposal planner are unromantic but this is completely untrue. Most of our clients have demanding jobs and so find it difficult to manage all the various components of a proposal. My Fiancée hired the help of a Proposal Planner as he needed someone to help him with the set up, but if you read our proposal story here you will realise he is one of the most romantic men on the planet.  

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