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Each month we plan a large number of marriage proposals and we are lucky enough to work alongside some wonderful men. To say that we get attached to our proposers is an understatement, and we have been known to offer anything from fashion tips for the special moment; helping them write their speeches; even going ring shopping with them. Trust us - the life of a Proposal Planner is definitely not boring!!!

One thing that every proposer asks us for is advice on the perfect engagement ring. Although we are great at looking for that big rock, we have always wanted to partner up with a true professional who can offer our proposers great service, value and individuality. Today, we are happy to announce that we have found our perfect partnership, with Dubai Rocks!

Love Serenade

Being the huge romantic fanatics that we are, we love listening to love songs and we are sharing our favourites with you in this blog post.

So what are you waiting for, gentlemen? Dim the lights, light scented candles, spread fresh rose petals on the floor, and serenade your soulmate with these scintillating love songs.

A Dubai Skyscraper Marriage Proposal

Signesh approached us to help him plan his proposal to his girlfriend, Tanvi of five years and we were so happy to get involved. Tanvi was on holiday in Dubai with her Mother and Auntie and was disappointed when Signesh said he couldn’t come on the holiday because he had to work. Little did she know that Signesh had arranged to fly over for the day for the surprise proposal.

A Step by Step Proposal Guide

Planning your proposal is very important, especially if you want everything to run smoothly. We have created a step by step proposal guide to make sure your day does not encounter any problems. 

Our First Australian Proposal

Proposal Boutique have had a very exciting summer and we planned our first ever Australian proposal for Ahmed and Joanne. 

The beautiful rooftop picnic had views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House and had a musical theme, complete with love letters and poems.

Our Favourite Celebrity Proposals

Celebrities may have the money to buy ridiculously big engagement rings and the ability to hire out some of the best venues in the World, but they still feel the same nerves, anxiety and dread as we do when it comes to asking that all important question.

To give you some proposal inspiration, we share our six favourite celebrity proposal stories with you that you.

A Dubai Daytime Proposal

Dubai is the perfect backdrop for getting down on one knee and the opportunities for romantic proposals are endless. Whilst we have organised many proposals in and around the city, the majority of our proposers chose to pop the question after sunset. Although proposing at night is beautiful, with the city all lit up, we feel that there are some amazing benefits of proposing in the daytime. In this blog we share our new daytime proposal package with you.

3 Creative Indoor Proposal Ideas For The Summer {UAE}

It’s no secret that Summer time in the UAE is HOT, sometimes reaching up to 50 degrees with high humidity, therefore, proposing outdoors can be uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean you should completely dismiss summer when popping the big question in the emirates. Below, we suggest some creative ways to propose during the summer in the UAE.

An Intimate Proposal At Home

Allow our team at Proposal Boutique to transform your home into a romantic haven. We recommend hiring in a top class chef to prepare the most romantic of ‘at home’ culinary experiences, we work closely with a number of first class catering companies and can coordinate a menu and table scape decor. We can transform your home into a fairytale dream and create the perfect ambience in order for you to propose to your lady. From live musicians, to decor, dining and added touches of romance, you can escape the heat and have the perfect personalised proposal experience in the comfort of your own home.

Cool Down On The Ski Slopes

Are you and your lady fans of snow, skiing and all things adrenaline pumping? Why not cool down on the indoor ski slopes of the Mall of Emirates? Here at Proposal Boutique, we can organise a magical surprise proposal on the slopes, ending in a romantic dinner for two at one of the Mall Of Emirates or the adjoining Kempinski Hotel’s top class restaurants.

Magic At The Music Hall, Dubai

If music is your ladies thing, then why not allow us to organise a musical extravaganza of a proposal at the Music Hall in Dubai. Imagine your lady walking into this impressive venue blind folded, only to open her eyes to a live orchestra or band performing her favorite song; cue spot lights, champagne and the rest. We won’t reveal too much here, but with our in-depth knowledge and creative ideas, a Music Hall proposal, organised by our team of experts, will be one she or you will never forget.

Photo credit: How He Asked

Photo credit: How He Asked

If you love any of the above ideas, contact us today to help turn these proposals into a reality. Each one can be personalised according to your preferences. We can of course, tailor completely unique proposals too.

With Love

Caroline ~ Proposal Boutique.

Useful Tips For A Destination Proposal

Whisking your loved one away on a romantic holiday offers up the perfect opportunity for a proposal to remember. Below, I offer some tips on ensuring that your destination proposal goes to plan.

1) Research! Before you plan your proposal, make sure you do the necessary research. Read up on the area you plan to stay at well in advance. Depending on the kind of proposal you plan, look up the best restaurants in town, florists and so forth.  Trip advisor is a great resource when seeking out reviews for the best of the best.

Go to your favourite coffee shop and do some secret Dubai researching. 

Go to your favourite coffee shop and do some secret Dubai researching. 

2) Enlist help: You want your proposal holiday to go smoothly, if budget permits, pre-book transfers and make sure that your hotel understands that the holiday is for a very special occasion. Once you and your sweetheart have arrived at your destination, take a moment and speak to your hotel concierge and explain the secret purpose of your trip. They can offer up advice and suggestions. Of course, you can always hire the services of our team to help you plan your proposal too.

Photography by Julie Mikos

Photography by Julie Mikos

3) Get sufficient travel insurance! The last thing you want is for anything to ruin your proposal dreams.  Your plan should include coverage for the unforeseen situations that can occur on a destination proposal trip to ensure that you and your lady do not come home with unwanted (and unnecessary) bills.

4) Document the day! Hiring a local professional photographer or videographer is a great idea when planning a destination proposal. This is a moment that you will both remember forever, but it’s extra special when you can look back on those memories together too.

Planning a Destination Proposal

I hope the above tips offers up some food for thought when planning your destination proposal. Proposal Boutique, plan and organise proposals in Dubai and the UAE, and we would be delighted to assist you if you are thinking of proposing in the beautiful city of Dubai or the surrounding emirates.

Caroline – Proposal Boutique x

A Valentine Football Proposal

Shaan approached us in December to plan the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Angie. He wanted something truly unique and memorable and that would really ‘wow’ Angie. He chose Valentine’s Day as his proposal date, and we couldn't wait to get started with our first Valentines Proposal.

Dubai Marriage Proposals

They are both huge sport fans and we immediately thought of the impressive Sevens Stadium for their proposal. The stadium was where AC Milan had played just a few weeks before and we couldn't think of a more impressive proposal location for our sport lovers.

A Couple on a Football Field on Valentine's Day

Shaan wanted to make a huge declaration of his love for Angie and what better way than to write out a love message on the huge pitch? We rolled out over 500 meters of fabric to spell out ‘Be My Valentine’ across the length of the pitch. We set up a beautiful picnic area in the middle of the pitch which displayed pictures of the couple, Angie’s favourite flowers and quotes from Angie’s favourite musician- Neyo.

Proposal Ideas

The couple arrived by a beautiful Porsche Cayenne limousine and we took them both to the viewing deck at the top of the Sevens Stadium so that Angie could see what was written out for her. Her reaction was amazing and she was really blown away by the huge declaration of love, and our amazing photographers Bernie and Bindi captured it all to share with you.

Picnic on the Field

We led the couple to the picnic setup where they enjoyed champagne and strawberries whilst listening to their favourite songs in the afternoon sunshine before Shaan finally popped the all-important question, and Angie of course said ‘yes’.