Proposal Boutique Partner with Dubai Rocks

Each month we plan a large number of marriage proposals and we are lucky enough to work alongside some wonderful men. To say that we get attached to our proposers is an understatement, and we have been known to offer anything from fashion tips for the special moment; helping them write their speeches; even going ring shopping with them. Trust us - the life of a Proposal Planner is definitely not boring!!!

One thing that every proposer asks us for is advice on the perfect engagement ring. Although we are great at looking for that big rock, we have always wanted to partner up with a true professional who can offer our proposers great service, value and individuality. Today, we are happy to announce that we have found our perfect partnership, with Dubai Rocks!

A Dubai Skyscraper Marriage Proposal

Signesh approached us to help him plan his proposal to his girlfriend, Tanvi of five years and we were so happy to get involved. Tanvi was on holiday in Dubai with her Mother and Auntie and was disappointed when Signesh said he couldn’t come on the holiday because he had to work. Little did she know that Signesh had arranged to fly over for the day for the surprise proposal.

A Travel Themed Proposal

When Todd approached us to help him propose to Kristine, we knew it would be a special night. Their love story is a beautiful one as Todd is from the US, and Kristine is from the Philippines. They have been on so many amazing holidays together so we set up a beautiful travel themed proposal for them. 

A Dubai Proposal for Horse Lovers

If your girlfriend is into horses, romantic picnics and the outdoors, then we have the perfect proposal idea for you. We have partnered with one of the top stables in the UAE to bring you a very romantic horse and carriage proposal. How about showing your love around the luxury stables and making friends with some very handsome Arabian horses before enjoying a very romantic luxury picnic? If you like the sound of this, then read our blog post for some amazing ideas.

A Luxurious Dubai Yacht Proposal

Matt and Emma were visiting Dubai on a week long holiday from the UK.  They had been to the city before and fell in love with it, so Matt knew that this would be the perfect proposal destination.

Matt hired us for our Personalised Proposal Package to make sure that his proposal was completely unique and personal. When we interviewed Matt, he told us that Emma’s dream is to live by the sea, so we initially thought of a romantic beach dinner. When we got to know him a bit more though, we discovered that this couple are all about luxury- so what better way to propose than on-board your own private yacht surrounded by the Dubai skyline?

Dubai Yacht Proposal

Matt really wanted to make the day as memorable as possible for Emma, so she woke up to a beautifully wrapped gift, which inside was a gorgeous Mulberry bag- lucky girl.

Mulberry bag

We then arranged for them to enjoy a fabulous couple’s massage on the Palm Islands at the luxurious Rixos the Palm. They enjoyed a massage in their own private room, which was complete with their own Jacuzzi, soft music, rose petals and some yummy treats.

After the spa, they had some time to get glammed up for the evening ahead. We arranged for a beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom to pick them up from their hotel and drive them around Dubai Marina before dropping them at their yacht. They really turned some heads in this luxury car and were treated like celebrities when they stepped out.

They were escorted to their luxury yacht in the breath-taking Dubai Marina. The yacht was filled with fairy lights and candles that lead the way to a beautifully decorated table. Burnt orange is Emma’s favourite colour at the moment, so we made sure that this was the theme for the evening. Playing in the background was Emma’s favourite song, followed by a hand-picked playlist of the couple’s favourite music to accompany them for the rest of the evening. Matt took Emma’s hand and guided her through the candlelit yacht to the very front, where he proposed with the backdrop of Dubai Marina.

Yacht Proposal Dubai

They then spent the evening sailing around the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and the Lagoon while enjoying champagne and a carefully designed 4 course meal, which was served to them by their private butler.

After their romantic night, they were then picked up in their Rolls Royce and taken back to their hotel where we had filled the room with candles and rose petals for them.

Romantic Room

Matt did not propose with an engagement ring, but a set of beautiful diamond earrings. The proposal continued onto the following day where they visited some of Dubai’s finest jewellers so that Emma could pick her own ring- can’t go wrong there.

Congratulations guys x


Useful Tips For A Destination Proposal

Whisking your loved one away on a romantic holiday offers up the perfect opportunity for a proposal to remember. Below, I offer some tips on ensuring that your destination proposal goes to plan.

1) Research! Before you plan your proposal, make sure you do the necessary research. Read up on the area you plan to stay at well in advance. Depending on the kind of proposal you plan, look up the best restaurants in town, florists and so forth.  Trip advisor is a great resource when seeking out reviews for the best of the best.

Go to your favourite coffee shop and do some secret Dubai researching. 

Go to your favourite coffee shop and do some secret Dubai researching. 

2) Enlist help: You want your proposal holiday to go smoothly, if budget permits, pre-book transfers and make sure that your hotel understands that the holiday is for a very special occasion. Once you and your sweetheart have arrived at your destination, take a moment and speak to your hotel concierge and explain the secret purpose of your trip. They can offer up advice and suggestions. Of course, you can always hire the services of our team to help you plan your proposal too.

Photography by Julie Mikos

Photography by Julie Mikos

3) Get sufficient travel insurance! The last thing you want is for anything to ruin your proposal dreams.  Your plan should include coverage for the unforeseen situations that can occur on a destination proposal trip to ensure that you and your lady do not come home with unwanted (and unnecessary) bills.

4) Document the day! Hiring a local professional photographer or videographer is a great idea when planning a destination proposal. This is a moment that you will both remember forever, but it’s extra special when you can look back on those memories together too.

Planning a Destination Proposal

I hope the above tips offers up some food for thought when planning your destination proposal. Proposal Boutique, plan and organise proposals in Dubai and the UAE, and we would be delighted to assist you if you are thinking of proposing in the beautiful city of Dubai or the surrounding emirates.

Caroline – Proposal Boutique x

A Valentine Football Proposal

Shaan approached us in December to plan the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Angie. He wanted something truly unique and memorable and that would really ‘wow’ Angie. He chose Valentine’s Day as his proposal date, and we couldn't wait to get started with our first Valentines Proposal.

Dubai Marriage Proposals

They are both huge sport fans and we immediately thought of the impressive Sevens Stadium for their proposal. The stadium was where AC Milan had played just a few weeks before and we couldn't think of a more impressive proposal location for our sport lovers.

A Couple on a Football Field on Valentine's Day

Shaan wanted to make a huge declaration of his love for Angie and what better way than to write out a love message on the huge pitch? We rolled out over 500 meters of fabric to spell out ‘Be My Valentine’ across the length of the pitch. We set up a beautiful picnic area in the middle of the pitch which displayed pictures of the couple, Angie’s favourite flowers and quotes from Angie’s favourite musician- Neyo.

Proposal Ideas

The couple arrived by a beautiful Porsche Cayenne limousine and we took them both to the viewing deck at the top of the Sevens Stadium so that Angie could see what was written out for her. Her reaction was amazing and she was really blown away by the huge declaration of love, and our amazing photographers Bernie and Bindi captured it all to share with you.

Picnic on the Field

We led the couple to the picnic setup where they enjoyed champagne and strawberries whilst listening to their favourite songs in the afternoon sunshine before Shaan finally popped the all-important question, and Angie of course said ‘yes’.

A Magic Proposal

Groom to-be Luke, approached Proposal Boutique three months ago and needed assistance in making his proposal to his fair lady ‘Iku’, a memorable one. Luke is a man who knew exactly what he wanted and was determined to make it the biggest proposal Dubai has ever seen; we are so proud to have been a part of it.

The Experience

For this proposal, we arranged for a classic limousine to pick the couple up from their hotel and drive them to the impressive Burj Khalifa (The world’s tallest building). Upon arrival, Luke and Iku were greeted by an array of hostesses who led them to their table at At.mosphere, on the 122nd floor. Here they dined by the window, overlooking the magnificent view. They drank champagne and enjoyed a delectable five course meal, before Luke made his excuses and left for the ‘bathroom’ leaving Iku alone at the table. Luke then secretly took to his hiding place.

Our romantic table setup

Our romantic table setup

Our coordinator Tom, approached Iku at the table and asked if she would like to see the view from a different angle. Unsure and perhaps a little uneasy, she followed Tom up some stairs to a private level within the Burj Khalifa. Here, she was met by a selection of handpicked professional photographers and videographers who ‘papped’ her.

Feeling a tad confused, she walked down a candlelit red carpet, scattered with fragrant rose petals and saw a sign that led the way to her ‘happy ever after’. A musician escorted her into the private room singing ‘their’ song, taking her hand, I then lead her around the room, where she saw photographs of her and Luke throughout their time together, featuring nostalgic memories, such their first holiday to Paris, through to her graduation; it was very overwhelming to see her reaction and I became emotional witnessing how happy she was; at this stage I think reality was starting to hit….did she know what was coming?

We organised a beautiful tree, which we decorated with more photographs and captions expressing the various things that Luke loved about her. As she read through the photo captions, she continued to walk around the table which was decorated with Disney love quotes from all of her favourite movies. Here, she was met by the magician who performed several tricks for her, she was loving every moment.

After the tricks, Iku sat down to watch a video that Luke had prepared. The video featured all of their close family, friends, colleagues and neighbours from Taiwan and Shanghai. Luke had worked hard for several months to create this special video before and after he contacted us. I have never seen anything like it. It was so romantic and I can tell you now, there was not a dry eye in the room (it’s hard to stay composed, when you witness true love such as this).

After the video, the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ flashed across the screen and in walked Luke with a rose bouquet the size of Iku. Our wonderful musician began to sing ‘A Whole New World’ from Disney’s Aladdin. This is Ikus favourite song. Our magician got involved and performed a ring trick that required Iku to pick the stunning engagement ring from his pocket, before magically floating it into Luke’s hand (that’s right- a floating ring), ready for the big moment…..the proposal

When Luke had the ring, he bent down on one knee and proposed. Iku OF COURSE, said YES!!!

I’m so delighted to have been part of this one of a kind proposal and wish Iku and Luke all the very best now and forever.

Fun fact: Did you know, that in Asian culture, it is not uncommon for the female to be told of the impending proposal?

With love

Xx Caroline xX