Proposal Ideas

Planning on Proposing in the UK?

The weather is really starting to warm up here in the UAE, and many people are already planning their trips home to avoid the long Dubai summer.

While we have some truly amazing indoor proposal locations all over Dubai that will keep you cool when you are down on one knee, we are also able to help you with your UK proposals too.

Proposing on Mother’s Day

It’s almost that time of year again to show our mothers just how much we love them, but also for your kids to show how much they love their mum! Here at Proposal Boutique, we have some very cute proposals lined up that incorporate the little ones. If you are thinking of proposing to your partner this Mother’s Day and want to get the kids involved, then have a look at these great ideas:

A Movie Themed Marriage Proposal

Star Trek is being filmed in Dubai from next month and auditions for extras have been held in the city this week. This got us looking at some movie themed marriage proposals that have taken place, that we hope give you some inspiration if you are thinking of a movie themed marriage proposal. 

A Dubai Daytime Proposal

Dubai is the perfect backdrop for getting down on one knee and the opportunities for romantic proposals are endless. Whilst we have organised many proposals in and around the city, the majority of our proposers chose to pop the question after sunset. Although proposing at night is beautiful, with the city all lit up, we feel that there are some amazing benefits of proposing in the daytime. In this blog we share our new daytime proposal package with you.

A Travel Themed Proposal

When Todd approached us to help him propose to Kristine, we knew it would be a special night. Their love story is a beautiful one as Todd is from the US, and Kristine is from the Philippines. They have been on so many amazing holidays together so we set up a beautiful travel themed proposal for them.