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Age Old Traditions
It may or may not have been brought up in conversation, but asking your future in-laws for their daughters hand in marriage may be important to family members and can avoid any hurt and upset later on. A simple phone call, skype conversation or dinner would be a lovely way to ask your future in-laws permission.


The All Important Ring
Your girlfriend may have already picked out her ring in the hope of a proposal but if she hasn't, talk to her friends and when they go on a shopping spree get the girls to try on rings for fun and feed the info back to you.

Try and get the correct ring size as there is nothing worse than getting that diamond and then having to send it off to get resized. Another option is visiting the amazing Gold Souks in Dubai. There are some of the best diamonds in the World here, and getting your engagement ring from the place where you proposed is very romantic.


Private or Public Proposal?
Research shows that most women prefer for a proposal to take place in a semi-private to private manner. Some prefer to have close family and friends there that they can share their day with. However there are some women that love the grand gesture and would love to receive lots of attention for the important moment. We have arranged proposals in secluded desert locations to live concert proposals with 100's of people watching and all our brides to be have loved their unique proposals.

You need to think about if your girlfriend will like a public or private proposal as this will really affect the type of proposal we suggest. Remember, what you like really doesn't come into it, it's all about her (sorry)!


Attention to Detail
What makes a proposal amazing is when the men think about the tiny details, such as their favourite sweets when they were growing up and having a jar of them available at the proposal picnic or getting a signed copy of her favourite book. These are the things that will make your proposal unique and are touches that she will never forget. No detail is too silly or small, they are the best parts.

So get thinking about all your time together and start to make a list of all her favourite memories.


Hire a Proposal Planner
Hiring a Proposal Planner will ensure that your proposal goes off without a hitch. We think that this day is just as important for you men, so we are here to ensure that everything is perfect. If you're running late, just make the call and we will worry about making the adjustments. We will be your new best friend throughout the process and ensure your girlfriend has the proposal she has always dreamt of.


Hire a Photographer and Videographer
Most people when they talk about their proposals often say that they wish they had someone to capture the moment. Hiring a photographer will ensure that you can remember it forever. 
Most couples quickly forget what they said and heard during the proposal so a videographer will ensure you can watch it back for years to come.


Avoid the Ordinary
Think beyond boring proposals!

Most men take their girlfriends to dinner and propose. The whole experience is over in two hours. Make the once in a lifetime proposal extraordinary and prolong the occasion. With a little guidance from Proposal Boutique we can ensure that you get proposal ideas that will stand out.


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