Who are Proposal Boutique?
We are a team of British Proposal Planners. Personalised proposals are our thing and we love organising anything romantic. We understand that the men sometimes struggle to think of creative and romantic ways to propose that the women will love, so that's why we are here- to do the hard bits for you.

How do you customise my proposal?
Firstly, when you enquire about a proposal we will send you our relationship questionnaire. This will give us an understanding of your personalities, special memories and likes and dislikes. We will look at this questionnaire with our team and brainstorm ideas, sending you our two favourite ones.

We will include a very detailed idea, leaving you to go ahead and plan it yourself, or you can hire us to do all the bookings for you for a customised price.

How much should I plan to spend on my Proposal?
Every proposal is different and we work to all budgets. For all packages, we charge an initial $250.00 (for package 1 this is the total cost). This is to ensure us that you are serious about proposing and then we go ahead and do all the necessary research into your proposal. For package 2 and 3 we will then send you another invoice with your final proposal cost.
During the early stages of communication with you, we ask you for your budget so that we can suggest relevant proposals.

We plan proposals for all budgets from £350 upwards, remember to take into account when planning your budget that we can book restaurants for you but you will be expected to pay for the full bill at the end of your meal with the restaurant.

We have a wide database of trusted contacts that we receive discounts from to make your day even more affordable, including jewellers, photographers and musicians.

Why should I hire a Proposal Planner?
Hiring Proposal Boutique is one of the best things you can do when you're ready to propose. Our job is to make sure that we give your partner the proposal of her dreams and take the stress off you. We are here to help you think of a great unique proposal, decide where to have it and when to pop the question.

If you are not the creative sort but want a proposal that will be unforgettable, hire us. We will provide you with a questionnaire to gain an insight into your relationship, likes and dislikes and favourite memories to come up with a unique idea. Once you fall in love with the idea, you can either go ahead and plan it yourself or hire us to do the stressful organising for you. From ordering flowers and sourcing items for the moment, we will be here to personally set it up for you from start to finish and be on hand to deal with any worries you may have.

We are an experienced group of planners and know Dubai very well and are constantly updating ourselves with local information. We maintain good relationships with our suppliers to ensure we receive the best discounts for our proposers and we are knowledgeable regarding the laws and local customs with regards to many proposal aspects including alcohol and fireworks and much, much more. 


You can trust us to make your proposal perfect!

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